A few exercises

December 3rd 2012
The movements we make with our hand, or with just one finger – and particularly with the thumb – have an influence on our psyche. Here are a few exercises. When you feel yourself becoming lethargic, make a fist, and with your thumb out, turn your hand to left and right; then also move your thumb up and down. To motivate yourself to start work, begin by clenching your fist to make yourself master of all the forces at your disposal. And always keep your thumb outside your fist, folded over your fingers, never tucked in. This third movement will help you control your energies and direct them well: lightly squeeze each finger of your right hand, from the root to the tip, between the thumb and index finger of your left hand. These apparently insignificant exercises should be taken seriously, as they are so important for our psychic and spiritual life. For the whole universe is represented in our hands. They have kinds of switches that can put us in touch with the forces of nature, as well as with the angelic hierarchies.