We are merely channels for them

December 7th 2012
The virtues we are able to express in our life are not of our making; we do not create them. These virtues come from afar, from on high, and we are only the transmitters, the channels, for the divine entities of which the virtues are the physical expression. If you have acted with kindness and generosity, it means that the entities of love chose you as a messenger, because you worked to acquire those qualities and now possess the necessary elements or are in a suitable state to ensure their transmission. Someone else may have prepared themselves to become a messenger for wisdom; other entities then come through them to spread light. And it is the same for courage, purity, beauty and all the other virtues. Nature is faithful and true; it defines and classifies each person according to their work and their ideal, so that each one becomes a medium for those entities their aspirations have attracted.