Is always answered; the example of the seed

December 17th 2012
Do you pray, yet feel it is no use, because your prayers are not answered? Well, you are mistaken. If your prayers are sincere, intense and disinterested, you are answered, but this comes gradually. What you are asking cannot come about rapidly, but you have begun a process, and since this process is continuous, if you are persistent and patient it will keep developing. The moment you pray, your wish begins to come true, but it needs time to be fully realized. When you bury a seed in the soil, it takes time for it to become a tree, but your wish is already granted, because the seed is beginning to germinate underground. Are you asking for the coming of the kingdom of God and his righteousness? You will not make it happen in one day, or even in a few years – it is not possible. It is a huge tree that needs such a long time to grow! But since the seed has been sown, the tree is already growing.