The most powerful means of purification

December 21st 2012
Earth, water and air are all means of purification, and I have given you methods, exercises to do with them. But the most powerful means of purification is fire. Nothing can resist fire. The initiatic tradition therefore teaches that humans have to undergo fire for transformation to take place – not physical fire, of course, but psychic fire. On the psychic plane there are two sorts of fire: the fire of suffering and the fire of spiritual love. All those who are very stubborn and determined to walk the path of wickedness and who can only be made to reflect and change through trials are forced to undergo the fire of suffering. Those who want to avoid that fire must work with the fire of love, which will make them luminous and radiant. And although they still have to suffer – since on earth trials are unavoidable – the fire of spiritual love will burn more brightly in them and enable them to overcome their trials. The ordinary fire of suffering enslaves men and women; the fire of spiritual love sets them free.