Meaning of life, the

Is found in what is unachievable

December 28th 2012
The meaning of life lies in the quest for something eternally unachievable: divine perfection. For only the impossible is real, and what is furthest from us is in fact closest to us. This would seem to be absurd, but it isn’t, for things are not as we see them. Those who reach for the unachievable, the perfection of God, remembering that they were created in his image, are the ones who live in reality. Since they have placed the Creator at the centre of their life, he takes part in what they do, in everything they bring into being. He is present in their every thought and feeling. They were thinking it was impossible to meet God, to become one with him, but in fact this meeting, this union, happens every day, without their even realizing it! Every day, they grow in faith, hope and love; every day, light and peace increase within them.