No one can take the one you were given

March 14th 2011
Do not worry about someone taking your place. No one can take another’s place. We each have our place in the universe, because God has made us unique beings, endowed with a specific vibration. On the physical plane, of course, unjust, dishonest people can succeed in ousting others, but on the spiritual plane this cannot happen. The place God gives each one of us is absolutely the one we deserve. In this domain there is absolute justice. No one creature is able to take another’s place, but each must develop to the point where it attains the perfection God envisaged for it. Even if others have a more important part to play, it rules where it is, because God gave it that place. By virtue of being alive, each creature secretes a quintessence of itself, which is specific to it. No other creature can take its place; it remains unique and irreplaceable for all eternity.