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Must be a solid foundation for tomorrow

December 31st 2012
The present is owned by God. God lives in an eternal present, and to the present he has given all power. Knowing this, you must all tell yourselves, ‘Today, I too have this day at my disposal. The past has gone, and the future has not yet arrived. Only the present belongs to me. So – to work!’ But what do most people do? They chew over the past, they dream about the future, and they are absent to the present, allowing it to slip by, since they do not know how to live it. For the most part, the past is an occasion for regrets and remorse: people miss the good old days or else they reproach themselves for their mistakes, for the choices they have made, the decisions they have taken. As for the future… if they do not know how to act in the present, what kind of future can they expect? While they hope it will be a happy one, an improvement, they are also anxious about what might happen. And that is how it will be until they learn to base tomorrow on the solid foundation of today. 227 1