Time, a

To hurry and a time to relax

January 6th 2013
Suppose you have a train to catch – it will not wait for you, and you have to hurry to the station. Once you are on the train you can relax, for even if you are late reaching your destination, your impatience will not make the train go any faster. Or suppose you have seeds to sow: there is a sowing season, and you have to make sure you are in time for it. Once you have sown the seeds, all you can do is wait; again, there is no point in becoming impatient. So there is a time to hurry and a time to wait and rest. You have to hurry so as not to miss the opportunity that presents itself, and then wait for the process to unfold naturally. And the same is true for the spiritual life. Each time an opportunity presents itself to connect to the Lord or to the angelic beings, or to do a work of purification and harmonization, quickly seize the opportunity, for it may not present itself again for some time. If you do not seize it, there will be no point in dashing about to make up for time that is irreparably lost.