Precious moments

That you should make every effort to retain

January 9th 2013
Heaven is not so inaccessible; it is much closer than you imagine. It often gives you signs and intervenes in situations in your life, but you do not take any notice. Or for a few moments you feel something pure and luminous close by, and soon after it fades away: you were not aware of the value of what you received, you allowed yourself to be affected by other influences, and you forgot. So, from now on, try to be aware how precious those times are when you feel the presence of benevolent beings nourishing you with their light, times when heaven whispers life-giving words to your soul. Not only must you enjoy such moments, but you should make every effort to hold onto them as much as possible. In truth, such moments are imprinted in you for ever, but if you allow dust to settle on them…