Monument of light and love

Which we must build in the invisible

January 11th 2013
Every institution and society that sees the light of day is initially concerned with the building it will occupy, and so we have churches and temples, houses of parliament, the headquarters of the United Nations or the Red Cross, and so on. But we still have wars, as well as injustice, poverty and crime. A few buildings more or less won’t make much difference so long as humans are unable to build monuments of light and love in the invisible with their thoughts, feelings and will. These invisible constructions are just as real as buildings of concrete or glass, and more effective. It is just such a monument that I wish us to build together, something so powerful that the consciousness of every being in the whole world will be affected and completely changed. Yes, there will be such a drastic change in consciousness that all beings will be borne along by an irresistible wave of light: without questioning themselves, they will leave their selfish interests to one side and decide to work to bring about brotherhood. Will we succeed one day in building such a monument? We must not ask ourselves this question, but we must work towards this outcome.