Acts of kindness

As reactions to annoyances

January 15th 2013
The moment you feel sadness coming, do not let it in – react! And what do I mean by that? Looking for arguments to banish sadness is not easy. You will be more likely to succeed in changing your inner state if you act on the physical plane. Bring a friend flowers or some fruit (yes, flowers or fruit, not your sadness), or write your friend a note. Go out, and look kindly at passers-by; even smile at them. There are so many things you can do! Things that do not seem very important but are actually very effective. The reasons for your unhappiness are so often laughable – a petty annoyance, a small humiliation. Well, instead of allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by brooding over it all, then is the time to show kindness. Not only will you regain your inner peace, but you will make new friends. You will be a flowing spring for them, a ray of sunshine, a garden in bloom. Learn to use your sadness to do something good, something useful, which you might not have done if you had felt happy and in a good mood.