Should not count in the spiritual life, only the goal

January 24th 2013
Anyone wishing to move closer to divine perfection is not concerned with time: they work with elements from another dimension. They think, ‘Even if it takes me the whole of eternity, I will not stop. Even if I do not succeed, I will continue. As long as I am walking, I am alive.’ People’s professional, social and personal lives force them to take account of time, and for some it becomes an obsession: there are meetings where they must arrive on time, work schedules, train and plane timetables, opening and closing times of shops and offices, and so on. Not to mention the time they have to try to save, because ‘Time is money’ as they say. Time rules humans. But in the spiritual life time should not count. The important thing is the goal. And never mind, even if the goal you are trying to reach remains unachievable; you have to keep going without being concerned about time.