Dark spirits

Only the living cross of the human being can chase them away

January 26th 2013
Human beings are constructed in such a way that they harbour various entities, and while these entities may be angels, the Holy Spirit or the Christ, they can unfortunately also be spirits from hell. Whenever someone stoops to selfish, hostile, malicious thoughts, feelings and actions, they are preparing the conditions to receive those spirits. And then, what trouble they have ridding themselves of them! You will say, ‘But we have heard that Jesus’ cross chases out demons.’ Actually, no cross, whether of wood, iron or gold, has ever chased out demons. The only cross that can put them to flight is the living cross of the human being. For a human being is a cross: when you spread your arms out you become a cross in space and connect with the four cardinal points, and when you have worked a long time to purify yourself and become holy, you are able through your emanations to repel all that is negative and dark.