A way of sharing our inner treasures

January 27th 2013
Do not wait for others to bring you life, to bring you love, to bring you joy: you must first open the sources of life, love and joy that are in you. To receive, you must begin by giving. Some will say they are too overwhelmed by grief and sadness to be able to give anything. No, this is no argument, and such an attitude will only maintain those states. They should divorce their grief and sadness at once! They must write them a letter this very day: ‘Dear sadness, darling grief, I have decided to leave you.’ ‘How could you?’ they will say. ‘We were so comfortable together!’ And you will reply, ‘Maybe you were, but I’m not, so I’m leaving you.’ And from then on, let your expression convey this separation. There are so many treasures buried within you. Why should none of them be seen? So put aside all your reasons for being sad, and look for reasons to be cheerful. With cheerfulness you give, and with despondency you take. Realize that if there are days when you cannot laugh it is because you are straying from the right path.