Everything we do affects others

January 29th 2013
Just because each one of you is a distinct individual does not mean you are separate from others. Even if you cannot see it or feel it, somewhere on the subtle planes you are linked to others, and in some way everything you do affects them. As your awareness grows and you become clearer, without either of you even knowing it you communicate to them some of the riches and lights you have received. And in the same way, if you become morose, they are subjected to unhealthy influences because of you. Whatever you do, you are responsible. We say someone has great responsibilities if he or she is a manager, the head of a business, a minister or head of state. This is true, but the reality is that all humans are also responsible for one another. Unfortunately, most do not know this, and this ignorance is the cause of much suffering. So, if you want to be a useful person and do good, try to take all your activities as opportunities to elevate yourself spiritually, for even imperceptibly you carry others along with you.