A practice based on knowledge of the power of blood

February 2nd 2013
Blood is liquid nutriment circulating around our body. It irrigates our entire body from head to toe. It is a symbol for life, which is why it has played an important role in all religions. To spill animal blood, and even human blood, on the altar of the gods was the greatest mark of respect and submission they could be shown. Take the example of circumcision. In the Old Testament it is called ‘the sign of the covenant’, for it represents consecration of the organ through which God-given life is passed on. At the same time also, the child receives its name, because the name expresses the quintessence of a being and of that being’s destiny. Circumcision is an operation accompanied by bleeding, and the blood is dedicated to God. From then on, the child is adopted by heavenly influences; entities accompany it so that it may act as a servant of the Eternal throughout its life.