Memory of our incarnations

How to retain it

February 3rd 2013
Many people wonder whether there are methods that would allow them to remember in their next life what they experienced in this life – events, encounters, and so on. Yes, there are, and here is one. Take, for example, a mountain as your starting point, something that will stand the test of time. It could also be a building famous worldwide, for even if one day it is destroyed there will still be reproductions of it in books. Look at this mountain or building often, while thinking, ‘When I come across it again in a future life, I want such and such an event in my present life to come back to me.’ This will create a link between you and the mountain or building. You are imprinting a stereotype that will carry on working in you, and when you reincarnate you will come back with it. As soon as you set eyes on the mountain or building you had focused on, the stereotype will awaken the memory of the events you recorded in the course of that lifetime.