Protecting it by knowing how to control our desires

February 5th 2013
Where are scientific and technical advances leading human beings? They should seriously ask themselves this question before it is too late. So far, those advances have been made to the detriment of life, because the aim of all the research and improvements is essentially to satisfy their instinctual needs. They think it will help them live more intensely, when in fact they are just keeping themselves superficially busy. What they call living is a way of thinking and behaving that will most surely lead them to their death. When you hear them talk of taking advantage of life, what they mean is exploiting all the resources of the planet to their advantage. Life – we must think of guarding it, of protecting it, and to do that we must develop all the psychic and spiritual faculties that will enable us to benefit from nature’s riches without having to take possession of them. For that to happen, however, we have to be constantly vigilant, controlling our desires in order not to do violence to all that is around us – not only nature but other people too.