Alchemy, spiritual

Knowing how to transform the harm done to us

February 11th 2013
Naturally, we would all like to live surrounded by people who respect, appreciate and love us. Well, this is not possible. And it is no use complaining that the world is a bad place, that heaven is cruel and that there is no justice. If we were to consult the Lord to find out his plans, he would reply that we must consider these trials as exercises, tests for us to see what we are capable of. For we do not know ourselves well yet, and we have to discover all the resources we have inside that we are not aware of possessing. Transmuting the harm that is done to us is true spiritual alchemy. Alchemists seek to obtain the philosopher’s stone, but it is even more important to achieve it in our soul and heart through the union of wisdom and love, which turns all base matter into gold and precious stones.