Understanding, true

All our cells must be involved

February 14th 2013
Who would argue that one ought to be good, honest, disinterested, patient and tolerant? Everyone praises those who practise these virtues, but so often they themselves will be neither good, honest, disinterested, patient nor tolerant! And it doesn’t bother them much; it doesn’t occur to them that truly understanding something must never be separate from putting it into practice. The reason for the exercises that our Teaching recommends we practise every day is so that our whole being, down to the cells of our hands and feet, is made to resonate with the spiritual truths we accept intellectually. We must bring every truth we encounter down to the physical plane to imbue our whole being. True understanding does not happen just through the cells of our brain, but through those of the heart, stomach, lungs, liver and all our organs. Yes, for our understanding to be complete, all the cells of our body must take part. If the cells of the other organs do not do their work correctly, the brain’s capacity gradually diminishes too.