Riches, true

That are acquired by placing oneself in the service of god

February 15th 2013
What does it mean to place ourselves in the service of God? It means being willing to dedicate to him everything that belongs to us. Those who wish sincerely to become a servant of God will go to him and say, ‘Lord, everything that is mine I give to you. Whatever I possess within and without is at your disposal. My heart, mind, soul and spirit, as well as my body, my house and all its contents, I dedicate to you.’ That is how you should place yourself in the service of the Lord. Actually, the Lord will not take anything from you. He already has everything. What would he want with your abilities and possessions? But he will suggest to you the best way to make use of them. Not only is everything you consecrate to God secure, but you will have much more benefit from it, for you will find it again on a higher plane. There is no other way of acquiring true riches, the kind that can never be lost.