Do not forsake it because of a few unpleasant people

February 16th 2013
You have an ideal, but there are people close to you that you do not like and who you think are preventing you from realizing it, and you are tempted to go back to business as usual. Well, that is a very bad reaction. If you have an ideal, do not forsake it because of people you do not like. No one is perfect; we have to put up with each other. Thinking that others do not have to make an effort to put up with you shows great pride. Each day, think how there are people who put up with you, and that way you will find humility. Humility is a virtue, but first and foremost it is a form of wisdom, a way of understanding; it knows how to put things into context. Yes, true humility is wisdom, for it sees clearly, whereas pride obscures vision. So ask yourself how others see you and feel about you – there may also be something in you that bothers them and harms them – and keep working.