Its richness contributes to the enrichment of our psychic life

February 17th 2013
Language is in constant evolution: new words appear while others disappear, but with the exception of linguists few people pay any attention to it. It is a pity to give up certain words, for then the realities they describe are allowed to disappear from our awareness. Words are not simply abstractions but living entities that have established relationships with other words. So the loss of a word causes its connection with other words and thus with other entities to disappear, and a whole culture becomes the poorer. Many people use the same words to name and qualify things, events and beings which have nothing in common. They have such poor vocabulary! Try not to imitate them, but try also to use words you are not used to using. When we know how to name things precisely, we bring them to life in ourselves, and there follows a whole chain of beneficial changes. By enriching your vocabulary, you also enrich your perceptions, your sensitivity and your understanding.