During which the master instructs his disciples

February 18th 2013
A Master instructs his disciples through speech, but he also instructs them in silence. When he speaks to them, he is going to them, and when he remains silent it is up to the disciples to go to him, to try and capture his thoughts and join him in the distant realms where his soul lives and breathes. Here is another exercise you can do: try to join your Master, follow him in space, climb, rise up to the higher mental plane, the causal plane. A Master’s silence can instruct disciples as much as his words. It is the disciple’s soul that receives the instruction: it sees, feels and records the Master’s thoughts. If the disciple does not know straightaway what their soul has picked up, it means they need more time for their brain to absorb it. But one day, at some time, thoughts will come to them, they will make discoveries, and they will have memories and not know where they come from. It will simply be something they picked up from their Master a long time ago.