Objects placed in graves

The origin of this rite

February 22nd 2013
In the distant past, it was the custom to bury the dead with food and with certain household objects. This custom may still be found today; it rests on knowledge of the relations between the world below and the world above. For, as it says in The Emerald Tablet, ‘What is below is like what is above, and what is above is like what is below’. There is no opposition between the visible and the invisible. Every object exists above as quintessence; when it materializes in the world below it still bears this quintessence, which it is our task to bring to life and make effective. If it was the custom in ancient Egypt, for example, to place food, arms or tools in tombs, this is because the priests knew how to prepare the objects – they filled them with vibrations and energies, which the souls of the dead absorbed, so as to continue leading their life in the other worlds.