Do not harass them, rather channel their energies

February 25th 2013
Children who are undisciplined and are the naughtiest will not necessarily become delinquents. They have a lot of energy that they do not yet know how to control, and rather than worrying about it, parents should find activities for them that will allow them to channel and direct their energies. Even if it is more restful for them, parents should not wish for really wise and obedient children who always agree with them, for this wisdom and obedience is often only passivity, and those children who do nothing bad may later on do nothing good either. There are even cases where quite passive children and adolescents later become dangerous criminals. You should not harass children. Watch them, and correct them if necessary, and above all show them they can always do better, that you believe they are capable of doing better. If they are to improve, children need at least one person showing trust in them.