Even very simple ones can have a great effect

March 1st 2013
We offer a teaching which anyone should be able to apply. Even though it is based on sublime truths that go beyond most people’s understanding, the methods it presents, which are easy to apply, are for everyone. And those who consider them simplistic and only good enough for children show they do not know how to observe or reflect in order to draw conclusions. You have a toothache, and because of that one tooth you can no longer eat, sleep or concentrate on your work, as if your whole body was affected by the pain. And yet it is just a tooth that is causing your discomfort! Are you going to deny the consequences of a minor thing? So, accept the idea that very simple methods can have great consequences. Do this exercise, for example: concentrate on your solar plexus, or on your heart or throat, sending them all the light and warmth you can. Gradually you will feel your whole body beginning to benefit. There is no need to devote yourself to complicated practices to find what you need. More than what you do, it is the attention and conviction you bring to doing it that give results.