Solar plexus

How it relates to the brain

March 2nd 2013
In the evening, just as we go to sleep, the brain’s energies move down to the solar plexus, where a light begins to shine. As we wake up, this light becomes weaker, and the brain resumes its activity. At no time do the brain and the solar plexus totally cease their activity, but they can be said to take turns with it: the brain controls our conscious life, and the solar plexus our unconscious or subconscious life. Given the connections the solar plexus maintains with the brain, you may call on the solar plexus whenever you have to use your mind – for meditation, study, writing, and so on. Begin by concentrating on the solar plexus, and when you feel you have settled into a state of harmony and balance, do your work: your brain will be fed and supported by energies coming from the solar plexus. And if during the course of your activity you feel a mental blockage, massage your solar plexus in an anti-clockwise direction with your right hand.