Prisoners their master wants to free

March 6th 2013
How does a Master see his disciples? As dethroned kings. Yes, their spirits are like kings that rebel subjects have dethroned and shut up in a dungeon, delivering the whole kingdom into anarchy. Even if they suffer from feeling dispossessed like this, the disciples do not always understand how their Master can free them. On the contrary, they even have the impression that the Master himself wants to deprive them of their freedom with his advice and how he behaves. So, what does the Master have to do? Wait patiently until his disciples understand that what he wants to curb is their lower nature, the instincts and passions that have finally reduced their higher nature to silence. And if, instead of understanding, the disciples think the Master is only trying to fetter them, torment them and make them unhappy, it is simply because they do not yet know where their true good lies.