Tiredness and sleep

Leave us open to evil entities

March 7th 2013
During the course of the day you may feel a kind of weariness and the need to relax your attention and vigilance somewhat. This is normal, but then you are defenceless against evil entities that might try to enter you. So, ask the Lord, ‘Lord, I am a little tired at the moment. I don’t know how I can serve you, but I am at your disposal.’ Then, no ‘enemy’ has the right to come in and make use of you. And it is even more necessary that you take such precautions every night before going to sleep. There is a police force in the other world charged with ensuring that intruders do not enter against your will. If you call on them, the police from the other world undertake to find the dark spirits that might try to enter you fraudulently and tell them, ‘You wish to violate this home and harm this being? Well, that is not allowed, because this person has dedicated themselves to heaven’, and they put them to flight.