How to preserve it

March 8th 2013
A man has just bought a magnificent car and maintains it well, giving it the best quality petrol, the best tyres and so on. But when he goes out in it, he shows no care or self-control: he makes dangerous manoeuvres, tears around at top speed, brakes suddenly… and the poor car is so badly treated, it is soon unusable. Well, this is how most people treat their physical body. They are not aware what a marvel their body is; nor do they know which workshops it was made in, how it was worked on by the spirit and how much it cost the Lord to perfect the whole system. You will say you take care of your physical body, you respect the rules of hygiene, nutrition and so on. Maybe, but that’s not enough. If you really want good health, you need to conduct your energy with care and attention: in other words, avoid passionate states and chaotic thoughts and feelings, which will affect your body and wear it out.