Developing ourselves

To be able also to influence others beneficially

March 9th 2013
Each person should do their best to cultivate at least one quality (respect for others, good humour, perseverance, stability, gratitude, orderliness, a sense of beauty, and so on – there are so many!), in the knowledge that thanks to this quality they are not only purifying and clearing the atmosphere but also having a beneficial influence on the people they meet; they become an example to them. Becoming an example for those around us is certainly difficult, but it is worth trying. Really study yourself, and find which of your qualities can be strengthened, magnified, brought out. What could be more awful than one day having to leave the earth without having done anything good for other people? Fortunately, the Creator has placed in the human heart the wish to be useful. This begins with the need to support our family and friends and our country. But this is not enough. You have to think of the whole world.