Marriage of the human ego with a physical body

March 11th 2013
What is an incarnation? The association for a certain length of time of a spirit and a soul with a physical body. At the time of death, they separate, and later, in the following incarnation, another association takes place. The human ego is neither male nor female; depending on whether it has a positive or negative polarity, it becomes one or the other when it incarnates on earth. If the polarity is positive, it generally incarnates into a woman’s body, so that it will possess both principles, and conversely if the polarity is negative it takes on a man’s body. You are wondering, ‘But what does the polarization of the human ego depend on?’ It depends on the evolutionary stage it has reached and on the work it needs to carry out for its development. In a way, our incarnation on earth is already a form of marriage. So you could say that the first marriage human beings enter into is that of their ego with their physical body, and the marriage requires faithfulness.