Is higher than intellect

March 12th 2013
The intellect is, of course, an excellent vehicle for knowledge, yet it is limited, since it judges and draws conclusions based on the appearance of things and on the partial view it has of them. It does not allow us to form a correct opinion of people and situations, and many mistakes are made as a result. Of course, if we patiently gather a large number of facts, we will eventually perceive the whole, but how long will that take? And there is always subtle, intangible information the intellect will never be able to grasp. When you meet someone, you cannot know them all at once. You have to spend some time with them. The only way to know the whole person straightaway is to develop your intuition, which is a manifestation of the spirit. True intuition does not need any facts in order to make a judgment: it penetrates instantly to the heart of beings and things and reaches a decision at once without ever being mistaken. Nothing is hidden from it.