Judgment, the

Of heaven must matter more to us than that of humans

March 13th 2013
Numerous men and women have left their mark on history. But to be recognized and appreciated on earth by humans is one thing, and to have heaven’s approval is another, for the values are not the same. And so, most people when they arrive in the other world have to endure the judgment of heavenly entities, who tell them, ‘You should have used your talents not just for yourself, but for the good of others. True, you have done a few good things, but so little compared with all you could have done! Meditate now on the vanity of human glory, so that when you have to go back down to earth you are able to put your intelligence to better use, as well as put right your mistakes.’ As for you, even if your ambition is not to become a celebrity, do not concern yourself so much with the opinion of others. Instead of seeking their approval and praise, ask yourself what the heavenly entities think, for one day you will have to appear before them.