Teach us how to live on earth and in heaven

March 14th 2013
When Jesus said, ‘Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s’, he was making the distinction between material, earthly values and spiritual values, but he did not recommend forsaking the world and turning only to God. As long as we are on earth, there is no question of forsaking it. But we must place only our feet on earth and keep our head in the sky, that is, bring wisdom and love into all our activities, so that each of them will take us closer to the divine world. We have a mission to fulfil on earth. It consists in manifesting God in all things. We should live life on earth the way plants do: they remain fixed to the earth, but they transform it and evolve it. Not only must humans not withdraw from the earth and matter, they must focus on it to transform it. Plants show us how to direct ourselves heavenward without leaving the earth. That is yet another lesson nature gives us.