Kundalini power

Dangers of awakening it without lengthy preparation

March 15th 2013
At the present time, when occult sciences are in fashion, many books on tantrism are coming onto the market, but they offer methods that are dangerous for a public that has no previous understanding and is not ready to apply them. There is real cause for concern when you see the lack of awareness of some people, who imagine they can awaken the kundalini power after reading a few books. This power is a fire, an energy that strikes like lightning, and those who have not fully prepared themselves for its irruption can lose their reason or even their life. This is why you should be cautious and not launch into experiences that risk causing serious physical and psychic disorders. In those who have not practised self-mastery over a long period and have not purified themselves, the kundalini power, instead of moving upwards, moves down and awakens chakras on the lower astral plane that are not mentioned in Hindu books. And then, all that is dark in them is aroused, and not only the sexual instinct but the need to control and destroy takes hold of them, and they become truly demonic. It is important for you to know that Cosmic Intelligence has placed extraordinarily powerful energy centres in the human body, and it is dangerous to awaken them prematurely.