Human beings

Live on several planes; consequences

March 23rd 2013
Human beings were designed by the Creator to live on several planes. They live firstly on the physical plane (the body), on the astral plane (the heart) and the mental plane (the mind), and by means of their subtle bodies (the causal, buddhic and atmic) they live on the spiritual plane and participate in divine life. All the currents circulating in the spiritual world reach them, but they have allowed all kinds of impurities to accumulate in their psychic bodies. These have eventually formed opaque layers that act as an obstacle to the light, so they are even more exposed to the negative currents travelling through the psychic atmosphere. During the course of the day, you may suddenly experience certain states and not always understand what has caused them. You were peaceful, serene, and suddenly you feel troubled, anxious. Why? Because a negative current has passed through you without your realizing it. In order not to feel buffeted about by the currents passing through the psychic atmosphere, you must concentrate on your spiritual bodies, which will neutralize them.