Receiving the sun’s rays in full awareness

March 24th 2013
What is the earth doing as it revolves around the sun? Dancing. It dances tirelessly every day. The day it stops dancing, it will die. We too learn to dance every morning before the sun, so as not to die, so as to live the true life. ‘Dance before the sun’ means we strive to resonate with the pulsating light pouring out into space. Dawn is a sacred time, for which we must already start preparing the day before, so that we may receive the sun’s rays in full awareness. That also is true communion. This is not to disparage the Christian communion of bread and wine: it feeds the soul of those who understand its symbolism. But before being in the bread and the wine, the body and the blood of Christ are in the universe, and we commune with them through the light and warmth of the sun.