Which humans need more than gold

March 26th 2013
There is already enough gold on earth to meet everyone's needs; there is no need to keep digging and searching to find more. Gold cannot put an end to poverty and bring people happiness; on the contrary, it only fuels covetousness and hatred in the poor as well as the rich. It is not gold that is lacking but light. What is gold? Condensed sunlight, and if people were willing to go to the sun in the morning to be filled with and nourished by its light, then, yes, they would find solutions that meant the whole world could live in abundance and peace at last. If fate has placed you in the situation of being rich, even very rich, so much the better! Nowhere is it written that you should live in poverty. Only, you have to view money as a servant, whereas for many it is a master: instead of just keeping it in their pocket they keep it in their head. So it is money that rules their actions, and it gives them very bad advice.