The divine life circulating within us

March 30th 2013
Resurrection is simply a vital current passing through regions where physical or psychic illness and death have begun to do their work. So many natural phenomena can give us an idea of this process! Not only the sprout coming out of the seed, but also the chick hatching from the egg, certain animals waking from their winter sleep, the chrysalis turning into a butterfly – these are all images of resurrection. And what about trees? They too come back to life in spring: all those black, bare branches become covered in leaves and flowers! That too is a resurrection. And why do they come back to life? Because they are not dead, because life is always present. These natural phenomena all have their correspondence in humans. Every day humans ‘die’ and come back to life physically and psychically. When life grows weak in them, they die; when it returns to visit them, they come back to life. It is as if new blood was circulating in their veins. Only life, divine life, can resuscitate us, and we have to work to acquire this life.