A protection

April 3rd 2013
A building – whether a temple or a house – but also objects, food and clothes, can be dedicated to a being or to an idea, in order to be used for a specific work. When you dedicate an object, you imprint its etheric aspect with impressions, images, so that from that moment on it belongs to a particular entity or idea; it is reserved. Heaven has been present at this dedication; it has been a witness to it. From then on, if intruders try to take hold of it, they become guilty of forcible entry, and there is a spiritual ‘police’ to pursue them and drive them out. This may surprise you, but an object is a kind of dwelling-place with doors and windows through which entities can come and go. To prevent evil entities from making use of an object, dedicate it to the Lord, to the divine Mother, to nature’s creative forces of light, and it will be reserved.