What is revealed by the fact that people are incapable of finding the right attitude towards it

April 5th 2013
Finding the right attitude… Yes, nothing we do is more important than this. It allows mutual understanding between ourselves and others, as well as animals, plants and stones. Nature closes itself to those who do not respect it, to those who believe they are expressing their freedom and power when they exploit it for their own restricted, selfish use. Many will say they couldn’t care less if nature closes itself to them. Maybe, but if they persist, nature will not merely close itself; it will retaliate. And then, they will be made to understand that their attitude was the sign of a lack of intelligence, a lack of love, a lack of willpower… a lack of everything! It was a lack of intelligence, because they should have understood nature’s laws; a lack of heart, for if they had loved the beings living in it, they would not have been so cruel as to destroy them; and a lack of willpower, because they have always chosen the easy way out.