‘be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect’

Basic thought on which to build our life

March 24th 2011
Jesus said, ‘Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect’. Even if divine perfection is an ideal we humans cannot achieve, we must work to build our lives on this basic thought. It is very important to have a basic thought around which all our other thoughts gravitate; it is the framework holding up the whole edifice. So make divine perfection your primary consideration. Then, the various thoughts that pull you in all directions and weaken you will find their master; they will be forced to submit and to take part in your inner work of regeneration. Every foreign thought trying to enter you will be captured and placed in the service of the divine world as you decide. Any animals wanting to trample the flowers in your inner garden will have to submit to this basic thought; it will open the door only to the beings of light from the invisible world, which will come to work on you.