Understanding what we must ask

April 10th 2013
When we pray to the Lord, we connect to him, but what is the nature of this connection? If we do not try to raise our ordinary level of consciousness when we are addressing him, if we have only personal demands to make of him, our affairs may in fact improve, but not necessarily because the Lord intervened to improve them… or to make them worse either. God allows events to unfold according to the laws he has established. And if humans who want to satisfy their ambitions and their greed set wheels in motion and then catch a finger, an arm or a foot in them, they alone are responsible for what happens; God is not punishing them. Nor does he reward those who strive to walk the path of light. They have attracted blessings to themselves because of their behaviour. Why then should we pray? Prayer is a force we set in motion, and this force affects certain centres in our brain. Then we receive not only light, clarifying the events we are experiencing, but also inspiration to do what is right.