Make us discover true freedom

April 11th 2013
A man who is unjustly accused is sent to prison… So as not to be overwhelmed he has to find something within himself that will be stronger than everything else, and that something is thought, the mind. If he succeeds, he discovers what true freedom is. Every day, he works on his thoughts and feelings so as not to feel impatience, anger or hatred, for the real prisons are those thoughts and feelings, and he is the only one who can free himself from that prison. No one goes through life without having to bear hardship and injustice. Cosmic Intelligence, which wants to make human beings powerful and free, is implacable. It has given them a will, a heart, a mind, a soul and a spirit, and it intends them to use them. But what do they do with them? Not much, so when they are faced with trials they see themselves as poor and powerless. They have to be made to realize the extent and value of what they possess. So you must anticipate that you will have trials to go through, and even if it doesn’t mean prison, accept the idea that it is through your trials that you will find true freedom and true riches.