Long remains mysterious to us

April 15th 2013
No human being comes to earth clearly knowing who they are, what they are here to do and the reason why. Incarnation is a fall into matter, and matter is a power that so takes hold of the soul, it erases its memory. The soul’s destiny is determined by what it experienced in its former lives. Before coming back down, it knows what awaits it, either because this has been imposed or because it has been able to choose, but the moment it comes down this knowledge is taken away. So an incarnating soul at first knows nothing of its future destiny; that remains hidden, even to the most evolved beings. No one is born with a clear awareness of their predestination. At an early age, of course, they can feel drawn in one direction or another, but this remains rather hazy. It takes years and years of research, study, suffering even, before coming to know one’s true vocation.