High ideal

Best transformer of our instinctive urges

April 16th 2013
The instincts are formidable life forces. If you try to eradicate them, either you fail, having exhausted yourself in the struggle, or if you succeed it is no better, as you eradicate part of your own life in the process. So how can you control them? By nurturing a high ideal, for it is the best transformer of energies. As soon as we place a lofty ideal in our heart and soul, our energies are channelled through it and made to take a different direction, which can only be upwards. The high ideal transforms them. What is the process used for this transformation? We do not need to know. When we eat, we do not need to know in detail the changes taking place first in our mouth and then in our stomach and intestines, but we do feel we have received strength. It is the same with the high ideal: if we feed it with our thoughts, feelings, desires and instincts, it transforms them, and the energy produced by this transformation sustains our psychic life, our spiritual life and our physical life too, for nothing in us is separate from the rest.