Become weightless when they are beyond gravity

April 22nd 2013
Imagine an enormous block of stone – subject to gravity, it is very heavy, and no one can lift it. But now a way has been found to remove it far enough from the earth for it to be beyond gravity. It no longer weighs anything; it is light and even floats. The conclusion is that when you have learned to lift your burden up to a higher plane, beyond the limit of gravity, not only does it become weightless, but it can lift you like a balloon, higher and higher… So, when someone dedicates their life to serving the Lord and spreading light, even loads weighing on them that would crush them do not do so. The nature of their concerns wrest them, so to speak, away from gravity. By placing themselves in the service of the Lord and of others they wish to enlighten, they are actually serving themselves, their higher self. Since their higher self dwells in the sun, they find themselves lifted up to the sun. And there, in the sun, what weight are earthly burdens?