Mages, magicians and sorcerers

What these three categories of beings correspond to

April 26th 2013
Magic is the art of exerting influence. And if the word magic is so misunderstood by most people, it is because they are unaware of the different realities the word covers. Some beings are slaves to their lower nature; they are driven by the desire to do harm, and to that end they make use of all the physical and psychic means at their disposal. Others – and they are the majority – have not really learned to see themselves clearly or to have self-control, and they alternate between doing good and doing harm. Finally, a third category of beings, those who have carried out a great deal of inner work and placed themselves in service to the good, will act for the good whatever they do. Well, you could say that the first category of beings corresponds to sorcerers, who have dedicated their life to evil; the second category corresponds to magicians, who can serve good or evil causes, and the third category corresponds to mages, who are channels solely for light and love.